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What is a Love Achiever?

First of all, we love and believe in Jesus. We want to live with a heart-based conscience…



We also believe in these 11 principles:

We Are All One

Create Through Intuition

We Are Free From Judgments

Follow the Flow

Grow Through Collaboration

Treat Others Fairly

We Are Abundant

We Are One with Everything

Create Through Believing

We Are Humans at Heart

We Are not Afraid

We also believe in the Divine Trium which has the mental energy (higher self), the soul, and the energy from God (Spirit):


We believe we are sons of God. We believe God is an energy that created everything it exists. It is one, always existed, and will always exist. The circle in the icon above represents God. If we are sons of God, we must have some part belonging to our father. This energy is our Spirit, divine in nature, since it is the essence of God. The soul is also an energy that has our real identity created by God. We therefore believe:

We are divine creatures living an earthly experience.

We believe the hope of humanity is to learn to love other people. Like Jesus said:

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

But doing that is pretty hard. We are trying to do that after 2,000 years and we are still on the process. We believe we need to evolve from the mind to do that. We need to overcome the mind, the ego conscience, and separation conscience. This way we will overcome separation to live with a heart based conscience.

Here at Love Achievers, we teach you to do exactly that. This way, you will be more united with other people, you will be more powerful as well. You will be free, happy, and abundant.

When we operate through the heart, we scale the Divine Trium from the mental energy up to reaching our god-like energy, the Spirit, super powering our interaction with the Universe.

We do not focus much on dogma and things added after Jesus to Christianity. We focus on the lessons from Jesus about love and union of human beings. We believe there, that love place, is where we can hope to be saved, from learning to love one another. Separation we believe is darkness. Jesus is light. Love and a heart-based conscience is living with the light.

From Separation to Heart

You will have a new future to make you happier, more free, and more abundant

Stop Being Afraid

Attract Abundance

Awareness About You

Remove Attachment for Status and Recognition

Reduce Judgments and Friction with People

Learn to Love Others

Union with Other People

Be More Creative

Trust the Universe

Be Emotionally Balanced

Be Stronger

Have Better Ideas


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Weekly Q&A Event

Weekly event on Zoom where I will answer questions about Love Achievers and the conscience of Love Achievers. I support you along your journey of growth.

Connecting with The Divine Event

Weekly event on Sundays to connect with God, the universe, our internal divinity, do manifestations, and monitor our progress.

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