Love Achievers Community

Join our community to connect with other people with the same beliefs and mindset

Lovers of Jesus

We belief in Jesus and the heart-based conscience he told us to follow.

Heart Based Conscience

We believe humanity can evolve applying a heart-based conscience so we are all more united.

More Heart and Less Mind

You can have a new version of you that is able to have temperance, strength, and control your mind.

Community Premium Member

Upgrade to community premium to receive more value and improve your growth

Access to Q&A Event

Weekly event to resolve any doubts or questions about Love Achievers.

Special Events

Added value events for learning, meditation, and connecting with divinity inside you.

Premium Episodes

Access to premium weekly episodes with more learning value and step-to-step activities.

Love Achievers Continuous Learning

Access continuous learning events to gain the conscience of Love Achieving.

Pay by Subscription or by Event

You can pat a monthly subscription or purchase the learning Zoom events separately.

Gradual Learning

You do not need to dedicate hours to learning. You would gradually grow by dedicating only 1 hour per week.

Specific Growth

You can grow only in the aspects you need advancing and you do not need to attend all learning aspects.

Self-Service Learning Programs

Self-service learning programs to complete at your own pace


You complete the lessons as it suits you the best. Every one or two days you receive a new lesson in your Email inbox.

Learn and Grow Fast

In a few days, you will know everything you need to know in Love Achievers. Also, you would have completed all take-action activities to get a quick experience.

Be an Expert of Love Achievers

You will know everything about Love Achievers, being able to be certified as a Love Achiever Master to guide others in our conscience.

Private Coaching Sessions

Access one on one sessions with Jorge for extra guidance.

Monitor Your Progress

Jorge helps you to check and monitor your progress in gaining the Love Achievers conscience.

Confidential Service

You have a confidential service in case you have confidentiality as a high priority. You will feel safer this way.

Jorge Guides Your Journey

Let's find the right journey for you together. I can see the hurdles you may find, and I can help you be empowered to take the journey.

Divine Trium

Download the divine trium to gain protection and abundance

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