Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Who is Jorge?

Jorge is a spiritual coach or spiritual guide here on earth that can help you evolve into the heart-based conscience that Jesus told us to follow. That evolution will make you more abundant, happy, and free.

Is It for Me?

You are at the right place if you need a customised plan for your growth and guidance.

If you need a confidential service since you don’t want to share your personal problems or information in the group coaching sessions.

If you need me to connect with your spiritual team to provide wisdom on your problems and guidance with psychic readings.

If you need energy work from me to help you in your journey, do light work for you.

If you need further help in gaining the love achiever conscience.

What Will We Work on the Sessions?

Control and Superpower Your Mind

Superpower your mind to control your thoughts and emotions. Increase Freedom. Increase your growth potential. Even if your environment does not change, you will change.

Strength, Temperance, and Emotional Balance

You can be stronger internally and stronger emotionally to gain a better emotional balance. We can work on your temperance so you are more balanced overall.

Ideas, Creativity, and Attract Abundance

Download ideas from the Universe, increase your creativity by connecting with the Divine Trium and your internal divine reality, attract abundance from the Universe into your life.

Ability to Self-Love and Love Others

Learn to love yourself and love other people around you. Do energy work with your heart. Be more compassionate and learn to have forgiveness. I will help you improve your ability to have a collective conscience.


I do both online and In-Person meetings.

In-Person meetings in Madrid, Spain.

Online meetings in Zoom




Madrid, Spain


Working and Living in the Flow and Ego Evolution

Teach and show you how to live in the flow as water flows down the river. This will allow you to live and work without disruptions and blocks from your environment. Teach you how to climb the heart mountain and how to evolve from your ego to be more happy, free, and abundant.

Monitoring, Checking, and Enhacing Your Progress

If you want to get into a short- or long-term growth plan, monitor what you are blocked on, what behavioral changes you need, and how you need to process your reality cognitively. Check and monitor your progress to walk together on the journey. Modify your meditations, visualisations, and activities on what you need.

Psychology Check on the Love Achiever Conscience

Work together on the psychology practises of the Love Achiever conscience like the big three: expectations, mental illusions, and identifications. Define and monitor your limits or borderlines. Define which activities from all the activities of our conscience you really need for you being more happy, free, and abundant.

Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, and Numerology

Ask your spiritual guides and spiritual team for guidance on your life's purpose and what you are meant to do in this lifetime, and access hidden wisdom about your life. You might not see this hidden wisdom, but we can walk together on the journey to find it.


Advice Session

You would not be interested in having a growth plan but in having a consultation with me, where I would give you advice and guidance on a specific topic or in guiding your life.

Short Term Growth Plan

You would be interested in a short growth plan. We would learn about your life mission and purpose on the first meeting, then agree on a plan of action and how we would interact in the journey together.

Long Term Growth Plan

You would be interested in a long-term growth plan to focus on all aspects of the new version of you: your mind, your emotions, and your environment. We would learn about your life mission, what you are best at, and your dreams and desires. We would agree on a plan of action based on that.

First Consultation is FREE

First Meeting is FREE

Your first consultation is FREE, either online or in person. If you are interested in a short- or long-term growth program, we will get insights about your life purpose and any wisdom from numerology and spirit on your life path. After the first consultation, you would book sessions for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes. We will get to know each other on the first consultation to get awareness about each other and how I can help you.

The Flow

You need to include your WhatsApp phone number in the checkout page on the field "Mobile Phone."

1. Order Session Bellow

You place an order, either for the first session, which is FREE, or purchase a session for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes.

2. I Contact You in WhatsApp

I will contact you in WhatsApp to schedule a meeting.

3. Meeting In-Person or Zoom

Meet via Zoom or in person. In case you cannot attend or I can't attend, we will re-schedule the meeting.

11:00-14:00 CET

17:00-19:00 CET


In-Person Private Coaching Session

In-Person Private Coaching Session

0,00 110,00 

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First Meeting, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes

Online Private Coaching Session

Online Private Coaching Session

0,00 110,00 

Prefer to see prices in a different currency?

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First Meeting, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes

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