Love Achieving for Business and Organizations


Love Achieving for Business and Organizations

Whether you are an entrepreneur bootstrapping your startup, a business owner, or raising your non-profit organization.

This 4-day learning program will give you the knowledge to apply the Love Achievers conscience into your business or organization. You will learn how to empower the people inside your organization to have a better version of themselves and increase the quality of your organization.

You Will Learn These Secrets...

1. How to have a new version of you much greater in potential, happiness, and abundance.

2. How to be happier working and living with other people without all the friction.

3. How to be stronger and not be affected by the limitations from your environment or your mind.

Is It for Me?

You are the right person for this training if you value empowering your mind to a new reality, improving your ability to work with others, and learning how love can empower you and those around you to be greater.

If you are:

  • A person who wants to change the way you feel, the way you are, and the way you do to reach your dreams.
  • A professional wanting to move to the next level.
  • An organization founder raising your non-profit, association, organization, or company, wanting to make a difference in your environment.

Your Future

After completing the 4-day training program to learn how to apply being a love achiever to your business and organization, you will have:


Understood the Power of the Laws of the Universe

You will understand how to apply the millennial laws of the universe to help you have the personal growth you need to have a new version of you.


Been Empowered by Love and a Heart Conscience

You will learn how to be free from the separation construct to embrace the heart-based conscience and benefit you and everyone around you to be more abundant, happy, and free.


Understood How to Be Mentally Empowered

You will learn how to control your mind so you decrease your suffering and increase your potential to grow and enjoy your dreams.


Understood How to Live With a Collective Conscience

You will learn how to live with a collective conscience to improve the way your teams work and the way any environment you are connected with works.


Understood How to Be Stronger

You will understand how to be mentally stronger and more motivated since your environment will not affect you. You will suffer less and feel better with yourself.


Understood How to Enjoy Unlimited Potential

You will understand that you are unlimited by nature and how to click on all the triggers inside you to attract more abundance, happiness, and freedom.


You will receive in your email inbox a lesson corresponding to the video lesson for each day.

You will have the “Taking Action” section with detailed steps for putting into practice the topics of each lesson.

Day 1 - Making Sense of Organizations

Believers in your organization, collective unconscious mind, manifestation, current organization structure, productivity, controlling people, alpha & beta schemes, and organization love—introduction to organizations of circles.

Day 2 - Branding

The creation story, icons, the creed, the leader, rituals, mission, unique selling proposition (USP), Love Achievers master, daily journey, idea download, founders, identify the market need, visualise creation and manifestation, define your branding, content strategy, oneness meet-up, and food and drink.

Day 3 - Organizations of Circles

What is an organization, what are organizations of circles, legal entities, current separation structure, love achiever structure, objectives, profit and non-profit, family-like organizations, capitalism, ownership, starting by you, scaling, activities, collective conscience, boards of directors, stockholders, private investment, no titles, and effectiveness and quality.

Day 4 - Decentralisation and Organization Areas

Decentralization, why is needed, what is decentralised, participation for stakeholders, guideline definition, quality control, small is better, how to scale, your heart is enough, big areas of organizations, daily journey, idea download, family-like activities, reduce attachments, activities for guideline definition, define client onboarding, define your product, and define client growth.


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