I was born in Madrid on November 25th, 1968. My life path number is 6, which is related to giving love to others, taking care of the needy ones, and being involved in communities.

Soon as a baby I already experienced what ego was. My brother blocked me from getting in our room in my mother’s arms by saying “Not in my room”. That room was his room, some space he had been attached to for some time. So, following the ego conscience, he expressed himself that way, which is totally normal.

My father’s name was Ramon, and my mother’s name was Maria Dolores. They too had some big egos. My father was a self-made man, very smart and capable. He was an entrepreneur, raising his business around the clock. He was focused on life being hard and that you need to be good in order to survive, you need to fight. My mother was very loving and cared for me all the time, although she had big attachments to material things, coming to her ego from there, from the attachment to material items.



I had a happy childhood, although I used to request caring and love more than what was available to me. My father was always very busy raising his business, and my mother was his secretary and the soul of the company. The office was 100 meters from our home, so for my mother was generally easy to come back home, fix lunch, take care of us, and go back to the office. Sometimes there was a lot of work and I had to have lunch at school, which I hated a lot. I was not happy being at school, I felt like I was not fitting, I was seeing my friends as very immature, and used to hang with older people, although that was not possible all the time.

When I was 8 years old, I suffered from some mental problems that prevented normal learning in school, dyslexia, and others not known to me. My mother mentioned later in my life that was caused by an act of witchcraft from a member of my family. My mother took me to a medicine man called “Dr Galleta”, which would be doctor cookie. He was living in Talavera de la Reina. I went there with my parents one Saturday morning. I was waiting a few hours for the person to see me. There were many people in the place waiting for him. I got in, he gave me a cookie and a glass of water. Only a few minutes and that was it. I was surprised since there was a lot of mystery around this person I can remember. That person was supposed to cure me. I was visiting a psychiatric clinic for my dyslexia and other problems I had, I was going weekly for tests and therapy, so could not understand why doctor cookie was so fast doing his thing. My mother asked the psychiatrist to repeat the tests they made to monitor my mental problems with learning, and finally, he agreed, since he was reluctant due to having made me the tests just 2 months prior to that date. They repeated the tests for my mind and voila, everything had disappeared, like magic. That is exactly what he did, magic. When I look back at that time, I am amazed if this medicine man did the same to everybody waiting there, since that is a lot of people, means curing a lot of people indeed. It also reminds me of Jesus and all the miracles he made related to health cures. This has been a milestone for me considering that we are all divine. This person only knew how to handle the divine powers he was having inside him. The psychiatrist repeated over and over looking at the report: “it is not there, it is not there, just disappeared, this is not possible”. When my mother said goodbye and thanked him for everything, he replied: “Don’t give thanks to me, I did not cure your son. I am very happy he is fine; but it was not me”. All these stories and remarks were told by my mother when I was 25 or so. Although I did not experience it and was not there in that meeting, I take my mother’s testimony as true.

During those years, the school forced me to repeat the course. Teachers in school were totally fed up with me, since I could not learn anything, and problems I had in my mind prevented me from any scholarly activity. This caused me to have a problem of rejection, which is still going on in my subjective mind. I felt abandoned and not accepted by parts of my family, my friends, and the school. The only person that never rejected me, even when was dumb and stupid to other people was my mother. She fought and fought for me until she found the person to cure me. She even argued with my father to do that, since my father was a very logical person that did not believe in magic or medicine men. From there on my mother was always living in my head and mind as the savior.

One of the teachers argued with my mother when she came to pick me up: “I don’t know why you bring your child to this school, he does not want to learn anything, he will be one of those people not even going to university.


My teacher was wrong, the dump and stupid child went to university. I got accepted into the University of Kansas to study aerospace engineering, which was among the top 10 universities in the United States.

The experience shaped who I am today and represented the basement of myself. Those were years of studying hard and meeting many international students. I met people from France, Israel, Palestine, Ethiopia, Korea, Denmark, Germany, and many other countries in Latin America.

I started to build up my ego in this phase since I related to the identity of being international and being an aero engineer. I was fighting, working hard to survive in school and get back to my country with my diploma.

Now I know that being an aero engineer was related to my child’s trauma of needing acceptance. My father built in the roof a jet engine, and he was very attracted to airplanes. In my childhood, it was hard for me to feel he was proud of me. He died when I was 14 years old. When I had dyslexia-related problems my grades were not good, and after my 8 years old, I had problems integrating into school since I felt rejected in the difficult times of school with friends and teachers. My father learned that the problem was not me, but me inside a school. I was a fanatic about computers. At that time, we had VIC-20 and Commodore computers, with gaming mainly. My father had a business that integrated the big IBM mainframes into Spanish corporations. On the weekends, I was listening to the radio channels broadcasting games and software coding in BASIC language. For Christmas when I was 12 years old, I asked him to come with me and show me those computers I wanted. He was very surprised that a 12-year-old boy that did not excel in school wanted to code games and learn the tech aspects of those early computers of that time. He bought me the computer, a VIC20, and was on the computer after school and on weekends. He was indeed surprised about this. On the bus when coming back from school I was designing the alien avatars for the game I was working on at that time.

But I did not have time to show him that I could be a very good student, it was just up to the educational system to understand me. I felt like school was not built for the way I was, like not fitting. This happened after he died in 1982. So, when I had to decide to go to university, without knowing I had a desire for acceptance from him, so he would be proud of me, that child dumb and stupid that nobody wanted at school. In his early years, he went to work in Germany and was planning to marry a German woman. He then met my mother and they got married, he came back from Germany. That is why I also wanted to live in another country and do something amazing, show up that I was worth it. The US always sounded like a big idea to me, so I did it. But this university degree was coming more from an ego conscience than from what I really was.

I also explored deeper my musical side more. I started to compose the songs for my Feelings album playing the piano in the residence dormitory hall. I was just playing around some tunes, but people that came by to have dinner or lunch asked me who composed the music I was playing. I was surprised since those were just my personal tunes, my private music. I said myself. This started to happen more and more often until I decided to record those songs. When I got back to Spain, I recorded the songs and placed them on the music networks like iTunes and Spotify. Playing piano was evading me, I traveled to some remote place where I connected with beauty and felt connected with everything. I did not know at that time, but I was channeling the music from other dimensions since was not composing activity of the mind, for me was an activity of my soul. Later, I found out that I had some psychic abilities like channeling and access to magic to download information. Playing piano for me was an activity of connecting to the spiritual world.

Back to Spain

I graduated from the University of Kansas getting a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering in 1995. I came back to Spain mainly for my family relationships. I did this decision with my heart’s conscience.

I needed my loved ones near after having been living abroad for 5 years in the states. Also, I had to complete my military service. After that, I started to work in Spanish corporations doing software engineering. There was no way to find aerospace jobs at that time since there was a long crisis in the sector. I started to work at IBM Global Services doing consulting work for big corporations, and after that in other companies as well.

But what I really liked was bootstrapping a company. For me was very boring to work in these companies. I did it for social compliance indeed. You know, the phrase: “get a job” and forget about other things. In my free time I was working on a project I was bootstrapping for an internet search engine.

I do now know why all those things happened. At that time, I did not know, since I did not know who I was, I did not know the nature of my soul and higher self. Everybody was very happy about having a job in a big company and the reputation and status that can bring you. I always thought those things were not important, at least for me. Now I know the reason why; my soul needed to live in the heart’s conscience and not the ego’s conscience.

The search engine I was building was showing in some sense my contribution to improving humanity in some way, but since at that time I was not very connected to my higher self and soul, I saw everything through my ego. I wanted to create an amazing startup that had great investors and was very big. In 2008 I finished it and tried to raise capital through investment banks in Spain that would take a share in the company. I was not ready at that time to grow a company like that I was having in my dreams. I had very big dreams and not that much knowledge. It was much later when I worked in very nice companies, that I knew how to dimension a startup, how to create the products, and how to distribute them to be successful. But the Leeman Brothers crisis in 2008 did not help me a lot either, not finding funding for the project I worked on for many years.

I had no funding and debt for the money I needed to bring the product to life. The consulting companies I was working for did pay me fewer salary, and my economy suffered, having an important economic crisis.

There started my big health problems. During 2008 and 2009 I had strength problems in my legs. I could not work for some months, the whole process lasted 12 months. I went to see doctors, and they made a lot of tests, and nothing was found, but the process of disability of standing still was worse and worse.

A psychic recommended homeopathy, and I found someplace where I had Bach flowers, acupuncture, and Reiki. After 3 months all the problems were resolved.

Now I know that these neurologic problems were caused by a conversion disorder I had due to a lack of acceptance while I was a child when I had the mental problems of dyslexia. I created the company with the same name my father had a company. I still wanted him to be proud of me it seems. And the business I founded failed, what happened inside my mind without knowing in my subconscious mind was that I failed my father. And this psychological problem caused the neurologic problems I had.

Light Spheres

In 2006 it happened the most important spiritual event in my life so far.

I was with my mother at home. She had fallen a couple of days before, and since she was taking anti-coagulants for a heart arrhythmia, the blood coagulated in her right hand shaping a ping-pong type of ball. It was very painful, and she was having a very bad time.

I went to her room since she was complaining to comfort her. She asked me: “Jorge, what are those lights on the ceiling?”. I looked above and saw 7 lights forming a perfect circle. They were moving very fast. I got scared and moved back a lot. My mother saw that and told me: “Jorge, don’t be scared, they are here to help us”. I trusted my mother and I relaxed.

They were lights having a very bright center and the rest of the sphere having a light so intense, like a peach. They were placed on top of my mother’s body at 30 cm or so. Now I know they were orbs or royal orbs.

One of those spheres came straight to me and penetrated my physical body and I felt its energy inside me. I wondered for many years why this light decided to get inside me. Was it doing something could not do outside? What was the mission of the spheres, me or my mother?

In 2006 I also met Marilyn Rossner, a known medium. I went with my mother to an event where there were messages from the other side to some of the people in the event. It happened that I and my mother got lucky, and she told us messages. What shocked me a bit is that she told me that my spiritual guides were very religious people, like priests and monks. It shocked me because other people at the event did not have that kind of religious people to guide them. I was asking myself: “Why do I have so many religious people that guide me?” This question would be answered a few years later.


In 2012 I was very tired of working with Spanish corporations and decided to become self-employed as a software freelancer and work with foreign companies more aligned with the startup movement, more aligned with the innovator that was inside me. These corporations had lots of status and recognition, but for me, the work I had to do was not innovative, the business processes that I had to follow were rigid, and nobody was interested in my ideas to improve things.

I thought this move was going to make me happy. It did make me happy, since I worked with companies from Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States that had a startup mindset and was more aligned with Jorge the innovator. I was happy and worked as a developer, technical lead, and architect during those years.

Although a new problem came into the scene, a problem I was not aware of, was my ego. Being a freelancer, everything is about your personal brand, showing that you are the best, your work has the highest quality, and you are the fastest in the block. That way you get a high pay per hour since you provide lots of value and you can charge more. The problem was that the dynamic elevated my ego levels a lot, something I was not aware of at that time.

Ego Death

At the end of 2016, my mother died. She fell and fractured one of her hips. She had to stay in the hospital for 2 months, and she got infected by klebsiella bacteria, which caused many health problems. I stayed in the hospital for those two months day and night. I worked as a freelance from the hospital with my laptop computer when possible.

What happened after that was that, in my subconscious mind, the savior was left, and I was in danger. Those thoughts were not in my conscious mind, in my conscious mind I was very powerful, working very fast and good as always.

Those subconscious problems started to cause neurologic problems again, hurting my left foot, which cause me not to be able to walk very long since the pain was very high. The situation continued for 2017 and 2018 until in 2019 more neurologic problems came into the scene. After some highly stressful software release, I started to have strength problems in my left hand and arm. In a few weeks, it propagated to my left hand and arm as well. I barely could do anything. I could not work on the computer, hold my phone in my hand, click on the mobile phone to call somebody even over a table, have lots of pain dressing, etc.…

In those last months of work, I was also irritated at work, which I realized with a few events with my teammates. But my ego controlled my life so much that I was not aware of that, I just wanted to have more influence and more power and force myself to be the best.

After some months of trying to recover my strength, the pandemic came along, and the company wanted to make changes, so they fired me. So, there I was, with no job, lots of pain in my hands when typing on the computer, and having to get a new client as a freelancer. The Spanish government was not helping me either. I bet many people thought that was my end, I was finished, although nobody told me, I sensed that feeling. I was thinking that myself, indeed, since I was not productive at all. My mind was not working as fast, and my fingers either, and speed is very in demand in the software development business.

I did not know at that time, but I was experiencing my ego death moment, my dark night of the soul. The universe did the rest. I started to work with clients, that managed to work on projects gradually, and in a few months could already work full-time and at a similar speed as before.

But what the universe did for me was that I would not find good clients as I used to have in the past. I found clients that were not good and working with managers and tech leads that had a big ego and behaved like me in the past. After that happened for 3 clients, then I realized. I told the universe: “All right, I get the message, you don’t need to show me more examples, I learned my lesson”. My thinking at that time was that profession was very unfair. The reason is that I gave everything to the company that fired me and thought that job would last for many years. I never thought I would be fired. And it happened during the worst time of my life, having pain in my hands, and in the middle of a pandemic. It sounded not human to me, so I asked myself “What kind of world are we creating?” I realized that a couple of years previously I would have done a similar thing, just focusing on results, and if somebody is sick, let’s just throw him away and get somebody healthy. But I started to see the human aspect since I was starting to live with the heart’s conscience instead of the ego conscience.

That process took some months, and I had in my mind that I wanted to create a company of my own and do things differently. I started to work on a side project for that purpose.

Spiritual Awakening

But in January 2021 I fell on the ice, and my recovery lasted for many months. I damaged my coccyx and surrounding lumbar areas.

A couple of weeks later, I had to give a hand to help a person that had terminal cancer, and my help was very needed. I could not say “No thanks, I need to recover myself from my fall” since my help was more important there. But I did an effort much higher than I could, and my recovery lasted many months, until the summer.

I lost the two clients I had, and I was forced to sell my house since I could not survive otherwise. Probably my neurologic problems influenced my slow recovery, although the recovery therapist was saying there was no lack of strength. But my recovery times were not normal, since it is not that long for a coccyx trauma.

The period of helping that person made me also do actions of compassionate love. Those things together got me into a spiritual awakening. Every time an act of compassionate love is made, a miracle happens. This time the miracle was me. I started to think that I wanted to change my life to help other people, to do actions aligned with being human, to spread love, and make a difference.

This happened since my ego started to die already in 2020. The heart conscience was able to enter my persona because of this.

I did some spiritual exercises when I had big mobility problems. After the person died, I could barely move, go to the bathroom, etc.… I had to pause rehab since I could not get to the place. After 2 or 3 weeks I already could go to the rehab place. I did some exercises to power my crown chakra since it appeared it was blocked and could not receive blessings from the universe. I did it to receive blessings and help me to recover. What happened was I started to see very clear images from my past lives. And the exercise helped me to feel better, but the shocking thing was those images, those images that were so real, like 4K video, with lots of details. The images were from 1300 or 1400, based on the dresses and other objects.

In 2022, that spiritual awakening got deeper. In February 2022 I visited a medium to try to investigate my neurologic problems. At the end of 2021, I made all the medical tests to rule out again multiple sclerosis and any neurologic illness. I wanted to go to the bottom of the issue, medical, psychological, and spiritual. The medium told me there were some psychological problems and no weird spiritual things that could harm me. She also told me that I was an old soul and a light warrior (like a light worker). She brought light to why I had so many religious people as my spiritual guides. She told me that they were my peeps in my previous lives, from those times when I had experience with religious missions. That made sense from the images I saw in my past lives. One of them was with two other people riding a horse and getting into a monastery. It was raining. Some people came after us, so we were in a hurry. We were hiding a religious item that was very powerful and important. I could also understand why I had very deep religious experiences in this life when I was young.

She also told me that I had high skills in the spiritual world due to the missions I did in the past, working for the good ones and the bad ones. She told me I had high psychic powers, whether I was aware or not. I replied: “ah, really?” Obviously, I was totally unaware of this. The weeks after that were hard for me. I had hoped that the images I saw in 2021 were just something made up in my mind, some altered level of conscience. But everything pointed to not being the case, that those images were actual past lives. I had an identity crisis. I was asking myself “Who am I?” I was being aware that if my past experiences are so far away in time, my present life is not much important indeed. It was more important my soul than my known persona, Jorge. Also, was thinking that my soul had to be very wise since I had so many experiences before this life I am living.

I started to research to get more information about who I really was. I learned that from the lines in my right hand, I had the mystic cross and healing powers from past lives. I also learned I had skills for magic and channeling. I discovered that the light sphere episode was related to the fact that I am a light worker that had many lives as a light worker. I also learned that my spiritual guides and my past lives with religious missions were aligned with me being a light worker. I discovered numerology. I learned that my life path number is 6 and my soul urge number is 9, helping humanity. That numerology was also aligned with being a light worker.

I read the book by Pamela Kribbe “The Jeshua Channelings”. In the beginning, was hard to really believe that those words came from Jeshua, the person that lived as Jesus. I guess since already happened in my life that a light being entered my body, I was more ready to understand, visualize, and believe that a light being entered into the body of Jeshua to power him to complete his mission to enlighten humanity.

I started to really believe her channelings came from the real Jesus since everything made sense in my life. I had already been told I was a light worker, having past lives as a light worker, and previous lives with religious roles, working for good and evil, and being aware of light spheres. So, my reaction was being shocked “Wow, this is real, I am really a light worker, Jesus was a light worker as well, that is why I was so connected and believed in him all my life, these words come from him, this is true”. Especially, when he said that the most important thing about him on earth was when people looked into his eyes. I understand people that are skeptical about the authenticity of those channelings, but my soul believes is true.

He also mentions that lightworkers come into families with big egos. When looking back at my family that makes lots of sense. What happened to me as a child also gets aligned with that. My mental problems as a child for some events for members of my family learned the heart conscience, the conscience of caring and loving for other people. My father was not ready for that since he was busy building his company, and my brother either, and my mother did care for me a lot. I think I influenced my mother into the heart conscience. Lightworkers have a hard life since we are powerful, but we don’t know about it until we wake up. Before that, we feel from some other place, like we don’t fit in. Our mission is to wake up and spread light to other human beings.

It is not that my mind thinks this or that, it is that my soul knows is true. Then, probably the mind would go like “And why do you know, could be false, how are you so sure?” and the soul replies “I know because I know”.

I knew I had to modify my life purpose, so I created the Love Achievers belief system and methodologies based on the words from Jeshua, based on my awakening from 2021, based on my ideas of love and compassion for other human beings, and based on my experience with technology companies.

Love Powers You.

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