Continuous Learning


Love Achiever Continuous Learning

Continuous learning service to enhance your skills for the conscience of love achievers.

This learning program will give you the tools needed to unleash the power of the universe to be more abundant and happier with your life. You can access the learning meeting sessions in Zoom virtual meetings. You will gradually learn how to apply the conscience of Love Achieving in your life.



Emotional balance, discipline, control, emotional strength, endurance, temperance, creation process, and learn how a new version of you is possible.

Personal Growth

Develop your best skills, like overcoming your ego and learning to enjoy living with the collective. Grow as a person and live with a heart-based conscience, making you more powerful.

Business and Organization Growth

Enjoy having very motivated teams, having an excellent connection caring for clients and everybody moving in the flow for the purpose of the organization.

Mind Control

Improve your ability to control your mind to be happier and more free. Awareness about the limitations of your mind and how being more powerful is possible.


The Flow

Learn to live in the flow as the water flows down the river. Master acceptance. Learn to live without turbulences.

Reality Storytelling and Responsibility Transfer

Learn how the mind works with respect to styories and how we can influence our mind to decrease our suffering.


Learn to detect which identifications you have, which ones are good, and which are bad,. Learn to remove the bad identifications.

Mental Illusions

Learn to identify which mental illusions are happening right now in your life, how to detect them and disarm them.


Learn how to manage your expectations. Detect the expectations you have, which are good, and which expectations should be handled in a different way.

The Minefield

Detect the items in your shadow and how to disable your minefield to live a better life. How to heal the bad mines inside of you.

Control and Discipline

How to increase the control and discipline you need to live in the flow and apply the concepts of Love Achieving. Ways to have good control and discipline that is not toxic.


Learn to live removing any suffering from your environment, accept your environment, and design a new life that can integrate your environment in a happy way.


How you can increase the abundance in your life. Abundance is money, properties, friends, and anything that will make you happy.


Design and implement the limits or borderlines in your life. When you need them and how to live with a heart-based conscience having borderlines.


Learn to manifest your dreams in your life. How to define your manifestation script and techniques to better manifest your dreams.

And many more...


Pay per Event

You pay a ticket only for the events you want to attend. You can choose from a wide variety of events for personal development and also business growth. You can just browse the events and purchase the one you want. You will receive an email with the Zoom link.

Free Trial

We have one event per month FREE so you can experience our continuous learning offer. Browse to Events and see the free learning event under Featured Events.