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Spiritual Service June 9

June 9 @ 19:00 - 19:30

Virtual Event Virtual Event

This spiritual service is our weekly spiritual activity for the community. We pray, meditate, connect with other people’s hearts, monitor our previous week, thank the universe, and manifest in group.

The structure of the event will be as follows:

  1. Thank Universe: We thank the universe for everything we have: material items, love, relationships, growth, etc.
  2. Review Last Week: We review last week about all the actions we did. Did we live in the flow last week? Any separation actions we did? Did we live with our hearts? Anything coming from our minefield?
  3. Love Sending: Anahata and heart energy center exercises to send love to everyone in the live session and to everyone around us, to neighbors, everybody around us in a radius of 500 meters.
  4. Divine Trium Connection: Pray so that the divine trium of mental energy, soul, and spirit gives us protection and abundance in love and everything we need to be happy and free.
  5. Psychic Collective Reading: Advice for the “Love Achiever” community for next week.
  6. Spiritual Message for Next Week: Spiritual message for next week. What do our spiritual entities want to tell us?
  7. Affirmations About the Universe
  8. Magic Formula: We all declare about the mental energy, connection with consciousness, and I Am, to enter the quantum field.
  9. All Possibilities: Feel the quantum field and feel how we want to feel for next week, how we want to be. Imagine how we live in the flow and create our dreams.
  10. Manifestation: We all declare the manifestation script for next week to be in the flow, be connected with love, and live according to a collective conscience.
  11. Farewell Wish: Universe, help us, so we let love and the flow to be with all of us next week. Help us to reach a higher collective consciousness for the highest good.

Manifestation Script

I connect with everything and everybody to spread love.

I am lovable. I am loved. I give love.

I have abundance from helping people grow and increase the light on Earth.

I am happy and thankful for all I have.

I trust the universe that I have everything I need to be happy

and be connected with my divine trium and the universe.

I am not afraid.

I have no fear.

I trust the universe.

I surrender to the universe.

I am love.

I am free from judgments.

I love myself.

I am healthy.

I am complete.

I am happy, free, and abundant.


June 9
19:00 - 19:30
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Community Spiritual Service

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