Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Love Achievers community!

This space is for helping people empower themselves in the heart-based conscience of Love Achievers and be happier, freer, and abundant through techniques of controlling your mind and increasing wisdom about the nature of the spirituality inside of you.

The goals of our community are to connect with like-minded people who also believe in the core Love Achievers beliefs so we grow together in applying this heart-based conscience.

To meet our community’s collective goals, all members must feel safe and supported. To help everyone have the best possible experience, please take a look at our community guidelines:

Positive guidelines 

  • Introduce yourself to the group
  • Feel free to post questions and start discussions on any topics relating to the heart-based conscience, mindfulness, psychology, and spirituality.
  • Treat others as you would treat them in real life.
  • Be polite and communicate with respect.
  • Respect the privacy of other community members.
  • Use community managers for support.
  • Contact us directly with feedback at

Rules and restrictions

  • Don’t share posts without permission.
  • Don’t share personal or private information.
  • Don’t post irrelevant messages.
  • Don’t post promotional content.
  • Personal attacks, trolling and abuse will not be tolerated.
  • Don’t post explicit, rude or aggressive content.


In the event of someone violating these guidelines, we will take action to protect other members of the group. This might include a warning or in the event of extreme or repeat behavior, the member may be banned from the community. 

If you experience or witness any behavior that doesn’t follow our community guidelines, please contact us directly at All reports are kept confidential.

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