You must be authenticated to access the coaching program content.

If you don’t have a user when purchasing, a new user will be created for you when purchasing the coaching program.

The length of the authentication session is 24 hours. You can access the first lesson without authenticating, but you must authenticate and set a new password for the second lesson.

You will receive an email when purchasing the coaching program:

A username is automatically generated for you. If your first name is John and your last name is Smith, your username would be john.smith.

You can set your password from the email you received by clicking on the link “Click here to set your new password.”

You will arrive at this page:

When you log in, you will arrive at this page:

You would enter your username and password and click “Remember Me.” This way, your session lasts for 14 days, and you will not need to log in anymore for the length of the coaching program.

If you are logged in, you will see a page like this, with the video content and on the top bar “My Account.”:

Click on the play button.
If you are not authenticated, you will display a not found page. You need to log in by clicking on the top bar log-in button and visiting the video page again.
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