Being a Love Achiever 7-Day Intensive Training Program


Being a Love Achiever

Your entry point to learning how to become a love achiever to be more abundant, happy, and free with your life.

This 7-day program will give you the tools needed to unleash the power of the universe to be more abundant and happier with your life. The program is self-service. You will receive the lessons in your email and complete them whenever it suits you best. Every two days you will receive a new lesson.

You Will Learn These Secrets...

1. How to have a new version of you much greater in potential, happiness, and abundance.

2. How to be happier working and living with other people without all the friction.

3. How to be stronger and not be affected by the limitations from your environment or your mind.

Is It for Me?

You are the right person to become a love achiever if you value empowering your mind to a new reality, improving how to work with other people, and how love can empower you and other people around you to be greater.

If you are:

  • A person that wants to change the way you feel, the way you are, and the way you do to reach your dreams.
  • A professional wanting to move to the next level.
  • An organization founder raising your non-profit, association, organization, or your company, wanting to make a difference in your environment.

Yes, but...

Love Makes You Weaker

The reality is that love is the most powerful force of the universe. You only need to learn to love yourself and others the right way to allow love power you.

This is Just Another Coaching Program

This training along with the bonuses I provide, will help you to empower your mind to be stronger, and also empower your spiritual side, being a very complete guide to run your life.

I Can't Be Happy Since I Can't Control My Environment

Most of the times, you cannot change your environment. But you can empower yourself to be stronger without your environment changing.

Self-Service Training Is Not for Me

This training program comes bundled with weekly live coaching sessions from me to be with you as you walk the journey.

Communities Don't Allow Me to Be Free

Groups and communities can enforce you a lack of freedom. But our community is focused on the opposite, how everyone in the group can be more happy with the conscience of love achieving.

Spirituality is Wisful Thinking

Maybe you think you only believe what you see. When you go to the sea, to nature, and other places, you see a hidden force that is running all that beauty. That force is a special conscience embedded into spirituality.

Your Future

After completing the 7-day training program to learn how to become a love achiever, you will have:


Understood the Power of the Laws of the Universe

You will understand how to apply the millennial laws of the universe to help you have the personal growth you need to have a new version of you.


Been Empowered by Love and a Heart Conscience

You will learn how to be free from the separation construct to embrace the heart-based conscience and benefit you and everyone around you to be more abundant, happy, and free.


Understood How to Be Mentally Empowered

You will learn how to control your mind so you decrease your suffering and increase your potential to grow and enjoy your dreams.


Understood How to Live With a Collective Conscience

You will learn how to live with a collective conscience to improve the way your teams work and the way any environment you are connected with works.


Understood How to Be Stronger

You will understand how to be mentally stronger and more motivated since your environment will not affect you. You will suffer less and feel better with yourself.


Understood How to Enjoy Unlimited Potential

You will understand that you are unlimited by nature and how to click on all the triggers inside you to attract more abundance, happiness, and freedom.

But not only all the above, most importantly...

Being a love achiever will help you be greater by better loving yourself and loving other people around you as friends, family, employees and clients, helping you be more abundant in love, relationships, and material items.

Being a love achiever will make you happier since you are making the world a better place, and your environment will also be happier.

Being a love achiever will make you and your environment freer. You will be free from the chains of the separation construct, unleashing the power of your higher self.


You will receive in your email inbox a lesson corresponding to the video lesson for each day.

You will have the “Taking Action” section with detailed steps for putting into practice the topics of each lesson.

Day 1 - Psychology for Growth 101

How to handle your mind to process better realities you encounter everyday, process better your perceptions, handle low and high emotions, calm your mind, handle identifications, allow acceptance, and the divine trium.

Day 2 - Psychology for Growth 102

How to handle your mind to process illusions, expectations, your environment, temperance and strength, being grounded, the minefield, abundance, light and darkness, coherence and incoherence, borderlines, and mind movies.

Day 3 - Connect With the Universe

The universes, law of attraction, hermetic principles, negative feelings, the divine trium, spiritual entities, the flow, past, present, and future, the power of now, visualisation, numerology, and attract your desires.

Day 4 - Spiritual Alchemy

Divine timing, new era, conflicts and unexpected events, law of no resistance, law of assumption, collective consciousness, energy alchemy, spiritual intelligence, feeling, being, and doing, presence in the now, and manifesting.

Day 5 - The Conscience of Separation

The origin of separation, the self, the ego, conscience of separation, the mind, surrender, projections, relationships, dependency, the minefield, conditional love, unconditional love, ego death, and completeness of the soul.

Day 6 - Heart-Based Conscience

Light and darkness, the heart-based conscience, moving from separation to the heart-based conscience, love yourself, forgiveness, the power of compassionate love, overcoming duality, and healing.

Day 7 - Love Achieving

Love achiever’s beliefs, the conscience of love achievers, make the journey in a group, heart-based cultures, and organizations of circles.

Q & A

Burning questions your fellow love achievers asked before enrolling.

You would follow the daily videos on your spare time.

Besides to that, you can access the virtual meetings at Zoom for the live group coaching sessions with me, ask me anything, and deal with blockages. You will also connect with other people that is in the same journey as you so you are not alone in your journey.

You can follow the lessons in the 7-Day training to get a big picture, and then on the live group coaching sessions, follow the “Taking Action” activities, so you gain the skills needed over time.

Some communities focus on the rights of the group and not on the rights for the individual or individual rights.

Here in Love Achievers we do not work like that. Our mindset is always being free, happy, and abundant. So freedom is at our DNA. Everything we do is transparent and our aim is to empower you.

We only follow 11 beliefs and the conscience of love achieving which has not much dogma. Other people in the community will help you to grow so you realise you are limitless. It is never about the group but about the individual.

We can help you out. I can help you in the live group coaching sessions twice a week. And other people in the community can also help you out with their experiences walking the same journey as you.

We are not in a rush, you can grow at your own pace, little by little, a little becomes a lot.

And if that is not enough, you can book private sessions with me.

Any skill takes some time. Some people has a natural ability on spirituality and meditation, while others take some more time.

You will gain this skill or ability step by step. The activities step-by-step will guide you to walk the journey you need.

You will learn in our activities how to calm your mind. With patience we can make the journey of connecting with your higher realities and allow an empowered version of you.

Members attending the live coaching sessions agree to keep all information received confidentiality and not disclouse it outside of the coaching sessions.

If you need extra confidentiality, you can book a private coaching session with me.


You Will have Access for 30-Days to Our Personal Growth Community

Welcome Onboarding Meeting

I hold weekly virtual meetings on Zoom on Fridays at 10:00 PST. I will welcome you into Love Achieving training and coaching activities, learn about your blockages, concerns, and get to know us better.

Weekly Q&A

During those 30-Days, you will have access to questions and answer sessions. You will be able to ask me anything on a virtual meeting in Zoom.

In case you are lost, or is hard to follow the training path, you will have assistance from in a live meeting. You are never alone in your journey.

Weekly Guidance on Training Topics

I hold virtual meetings weekly where I present the most important topics for this training course in the personal growth community activities. You will be able to gain knowledge step-by-step in case you are lost in the self-service training program.

Weekly Live Practice on Activities

In case the 47 activities proposed in the training program overwhelms you, I will go through those “Take Action” activities for personal growth, so we can do all that together.

Weekly Spiritual Service

On Sundays at 10:00 PST I hold the spiritual service. It is a mix of a guided meditation, psychic collective reading, monitoring of our growth last week, and connect with god and the universe so we are all synced on the spiritual side of love achieving and the divine trium.

After Those 30-Days, You Can Access by Subscription at 47,00€ per Month


Pay in Three Installments

When you choose to pay with PayPal, you can distribute your payment in three instalments.



A step-by-step plan to have a new version of yourself much greater in potential.

You will learn how to plan your new life where you will be happier, more free, and more abundant. You will have more control about your mind, your emotions, and your spirituality to grow to the next level.


Learn how to work and live with other people without the friction.

You will learn to attain a collective conscience that will allow to improve your life when connecting with other people in your environment, no matter if your environment is your family, your work, or your group of friends.


A step-by-step plan on how to be stronger.

You will have a step-by-step plan on how two be stronger. You will not be limited by the conscience of separation and have a better version of you that can handle better emotions and suffering. You will be stronger in heart, mind, and spirit.



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