#8 - How to Manifest Anything

December 26 2023



Sometimes you need some extra push, some help from the universe to make your dreams realities. You can attract that certain events happen in divine timing to help you move in the evolution you need. This attraction process we call manifestation since we first wish for our dreams, which are energies, and then those energies materialize on the earth for us. It is like downloading from the universe what you desire in your life.

I will talk about the following:

  • When do You Need Manifesting? : Scenarios when you need to manifest.
  • The Universe is Energy: Explanation of the laws of the universe and how energy works.
  • Imagination: The power of imagination when manifesting.
  • Vibrational Laws of the Universe: How vibrational laws work to manifest.
  • How to Prepare the Manifestation Script: Step-by-step to create your manifestation script.
  • Techniques to Better Manifest: Mind movies and techniques that boost your manifestation power.

FastTrack - Most Important Topics

You need to manifest your reality since you need some environment where other actors will do some action for you.

Everything in the universe is energy. You are energy, and I am energy. Our eyes see the matter, but it is energy: electrons and ionic particles.

The bigger your imagination power, the better your life will be. As I said before, everything we see comes from the imagination of the source. Our divinity is our spirit, and our soul comes from that divine imagination.

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