#7 - How to Be Motivated

December 22 2023



We all need to be motivated. We suffer when we are not and don’t feel good about it.

We start to ask ourselves if we are the problem for our lack of motivation or if there is something hidden that we are missing.

It is good to be inspired by nature and the universe in these things. You can see how water moves in the flow and flows non-stop. The same happens with motivation. Either some problems inside you or in your environment prevent you from moving in the flow. If you encounter rocks, you stop, and water stops. Once you move in the flow, it is like magic; everything happens without effort.

All you need to think about is always being in the flow.

I will talk about the following:

  • Motivation Problems
  • Learn to Live in the Flow
  • Get Back to the Flow
  • Influence Others for Motivation
  • Mind Movies

FastTrack - Most Important Topics

Many problems may affect your motivation, and these can be either internal or from your environment.

If you want to be motivated, if you want to be productive, the only thing you need is to live your life in the flow.

Do not blame yourself for anything that made you lose the flow. Next time you will do it better, and you will learn what happened, and that knowledge will make you do better next time in your journey.

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