#4 - How to Evolve and Free Yourself From You

December 12 2023



FastTrack - Most Important Topics

The self, our identity, is essential since it is what defines us. It also explains how we behave with other people since they, the other, may alter the definition of our identity. This is key to your happiness. If you do this right, it can empower you and make you happier and more free.

The conscience of separation and the ego is indeed needed. It allows us to defend ourselves from others, defend our territory, and fight in case our identity is in danger.

The difference is in the degrees. Although we need our separation, if we decrease the degrees of our separation structure, we will be able to connect with others more easily, share love with others, and be happier and freer.

Dissolving Your Ego: You would start by identifying the characteristics that are more persistent in you. You need to realize that a new YOU is possible with some work. Review your life about why you did the things you did in the past related to your ego. This review is essential since it will give you awareness. In this phase, you can ask friends and family since they might provide valuable information on things you are not seeing.

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